Why are microgreens such a popular ingredient?

Did you know the Crispy Edge is partnered with City Farm STL to provide the freshest and healthiest microgreens?

All the microgreens Crispy Edge uses are grown in-house by City Farm STL in what is one of the largest “living walls” in Saint Louis — right inside our dining room! This means all the microgreens you’ll find on our delicious menu offerings are the most nutritious microgreens you can get! Next time you’re in for some tasty potstickers be sure to check out our Living Wall and don’t be shy with your questions! For more information about the microgreens we feature, check out City Farm STL here, and read below from TrueLeaf Market about the many reasons why microgreens are so popular now!

Why Wheatgrass Fans Adding Microgreens . . .

In recent years, we’ve seen microgreens make their appearance in high cuisine and pop culture by appearing as a garnish or as a key ingredient in a dish—seen on such shows as Masterchef and Chopped. And now more than ever, people at home are starting to grow their microgreens alongside their sprouts and wheatgrass, making these tasty health hubs a part of their everyday life. Here are the four reasons why:

Flavor, Flavor, and Flavor

Microgreens seeds are not only selected for their habit of germinating fairly quickly and well, but for the flavor that their little stems pack. Often it is as vibrant and strong as their full-grown vegetable counter-part!

Added Nutrients

Seeds store a lot of nutrients in their tiny hulls so they can grow healthily to a certain stage in their growth cycle. Harvesting them at the microgreen level allows us to intake some of those stored nutrients, giving us sometimes 40 times more nutrients compared to when they are full-grown.

Quick and Fun to Grow and Harvest

Waiting only a matter of weeks for harvest is one of the best perks of microgreening. In no time, you have little greens that are as flavorful as, say, a full grown beet or full grown chard, or cilantro. And a little counter-top space goes along way. You don’t have to own a plot now-a-days to be a farmer in your own right.

Simply, a Joy to Look at

Microgreens are surprisingly great aesthetic additions to your space. Many of them are fragrant and colorful, making them as important as flowers when it comes to decoration.

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